Support for HCP’s


CRADLE Consultancy CIC is a social enterprise that provides a range of pregnancy loss bereavement support services across all healthcare settings. We work with a team of healthcare professionals who are passionate about providing the most appropriate care and overall experience for bereaved parents.  We are continuously developing new services to not only drive improvement and to bring continuity of bereavement care, but to also support healthcare professionals with their own emotional and practical needs as care givers.


Launching in Summer 2022, the bi-monthly CRADLE early pregnancy loss network will provide the opportunity for healthcare professionals to virtually meet, share ideas and inspire others who provide early pregnancy loss care. Co-hosted with NHS healthcare professionals, this collaboration will provide both clinical and patient insights.


We provide a range of services to support the emotional and practical needs of healthcare professionals, who themselves provide bereavement care to families. We understand that sometimes, healthcare professionals themselves have experienced pregnancy loss, and we are here to listen, and to provide appropriate support.

As well as emotional support, we offer practical solutions for the development of bereavement services, teaching and information gathering.


We offer support to students who are providing bereavement care on placement, as well as support for their individual journey of learning. If you are a Student and would like to talk confidentially to one of our team, get in touch.

We offer appointments between 9am and 10pm, 7 Days a Week.


We know that many of our CRADLE HCP Ambassadors are self-funding items that are used to support women during their time in hospital. Many of those items allow women to maintain their dignity, such as black leggings, underwear, and drawstring bags, which are kindly purchased by many healthcare professionals. In response to this, we have set up the CRADLE Wishlist service especially for you.

Simply send an email to with details of your name, hospital and department with a description of your requirements or ideas for bereavement projects, and we will allocate time to source these items as donations for you.

Any wish will be considered, however we do not guarantee that every request will be met. Please only use the wish list service if you are funding items from your personal income.


With extensive experience of recruitment, we are well placed to provide support, advice and guidance when it comes to attracting the most suitable people to bereavement roles, across any discipline.

If you are struggling to find the right person for a vacancy or would like to accelerate your search, please get in touch.


We provide the opportunity for healthcare professionals to ‘WALK THE JOURNEY’ with our Directors, Louise Zeniou and Dawn Brown, who have both received care during their own experiences of Ectopic Pregnancy. Insight of this experience is provided during NHS training sessions, early pregnancy loss study days and during the delivery of bespoke CRADLE emergency gynaecology bereavement training sessions.

Louise also provides insight sessions relating to pregnancy after loss and secondary infertility.

All profits from CRADLE Consultancy CIC are donated to CRADLE charity.