How we support

Cry. Rant. Scream. Go for a walk. Curl up on the sofa. Remember, whatever feels right for you, is right for you. We understand the potential fear, physical pain, shock and confusion you may have experienced. Everything you feel, or perhaps don’t feel, right at this moment, is completely normal.


The CRADLE early pregnancy loss support group has been set up as a safe space for bereaved parents to share their grief or to find comfort in the words of others. The group is moderated by CRADLE Trustees and peer support is provided by CRADLE Ambassadors and the growing community of bereaved parents, and representatives from other charities.


Our charitable objective has always been to provide 6 sessions of fast track, specialist 1-2-1 counselling to anyone affected by pregnancy loss, before the 24th week of pregnancy. Referrals are made via the NHS and all sessions are delivered virtually on Zoom.


More than 40 NHS Hospitals now have access to CRADLE Comfort Bags, comfort packs, outpatient packs and Sonography Tissue support packs, that can be made available to women or couples during their hospital stay or appointment.

Each CRADLE Comfort Bag is filled with essential toiletries, but the most important thing in the CRADLE Comfort Bag is the ‘Dear Friend Letter’ which signposts bereaved parents to CRADLE support and services.