Did you know that you have the opportunity to get involved and make a difference? By making a financial donation to CRADLE you are able to make sure nobody ever feels alone when pregnancy doesn’t go to plan, and that the right support is available when pregnancy isn’t part of the plan.

Your financial contribution will bring change to the lives of those who are receiving or awaiting medical care and to allow us to provide support for the days, weeks, months and often years that follow grief trauma and isolation.

Your donation will support healthcare professionals by providing them with CRADLE resources, allowing them to give that little bit extra during care. The funds will also allow us to design and deliver new projects and resources that aim to enhance the way care is provided.

Thank you for recognising that as a small charity, we are able to make a big impact. Your donation could help us to:

● Provide comfort bags to many different departments in hospitals across the UK.
● Provide Student Nurses, Student Midwives and all other Students who will provide pregnancy related care with additional training and tools around early pregnancy loss.
● Fund a CRADLE ‘little things’ campaign – allowing us to make tangible differences to services provided.
● Fund one of our research projects in the fight for improvements across the community.

There are many other ways you can get involved from setting up your own fundraising activity or event to campaigning for donations of toiletries, running one of our community groups or becoming one of our trusted ambassadors.

For more information on the opportunities, please email



Make your donations go further with Gift Aid. 

Through the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, CRADLE Charity can claim an additional 25p for every £1 you donate. So if you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your donations to us by 25%, at no extra cost to yourself.

Simply fill in your details on the form and tick the box to confirm your taxpayer status.

We will use the details provided to update your record and to process your donations to us. 

Please note: CRADLE can only claim Gift Aid if you provide your full first name, surname and home address.