Facilitator Training Program

Welcome To CRADLE Academy!

Thank you for investing in this facilitator training program.

Through this step-by-step training you will be informed and equipped to successfully facilitate online and be confident about your ability to do so. If you go through this training and more importantly apply what you learn, you will become a highly skilled facilitator. You will be ready to facilitate and will do it competently.

Before you get started please download your accompanying PDF download. This training is most effective when both the videos and PDF are used together.

>>Download Your PDF Manual Here<<

Learning the structure, format and preparing some questions is the easier part. Believe it or not even the tech is the easy part.

The most powerful thing you can do to ensure a successfully facilitate Is to be present , bring the energy and hold the space.
This comes with preparation, practice, self awareness, and self care.

You got this.

With Love


Congratulations! You have completed the CRADLE Academy Facilitator Program!

To develop this valuable skill of facilitation, leadership and communication watch this short video now.

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