Welcome to your CONNECTED Peer Support Training

Before you get started make sure you download your PDF manual that accompanies the training videos below.

>>Download Your PDF Manual Here<<

Print it out or save it somewhere that’s easy to access for your convenience. 

Ok – now you have your manual lets get started with the first video. Press play, go through the training video and refer to your accompanying manual.

In this section we go through 5 videos where we cover safeguarding, peer support, facilitator requirements and roles within the team. 

In this section we go through 9 videos to cover the practical things to apply when facilitating like structure, guidelines, managing emotions and group dynamics as well as post facilitation. 

In this section we go through 5 videos where we cover the types of pregnancy loss, stages of grief, bereavement and the physical body along with some emotional engineering. 

In this final section we go through 2 videos to cover self care and some final words. 
If you’ve made it here, you’ve watched the videos, studied the PDF manual and you feel more equipped and empowered to facilitate a peer support service – Congratulations! 
We recommend going through the training at least twice to get comfortable and familiar with the different elements of facilitation. 
Also we recommend attending our live Zoom sessions and the Facebook LIVES as we offer dynamic support and training through each month. 
If you have any questions, concerns or just want to share feedback please feel free to get in touch with Dawn or Louise.

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